Cheap Calls without the Pop-Ups

UPDATE: magicBlock v1.2 now available – Updated version includes feature to retain focus on the window your working on after the magicJack window attempts pop-up.

magicJack is a great phone/VoIP service! I’ve used both Vonage and Skype and like this one the best – plus the cost can’t be beat, it has a reasonable start-up cost and an annual fee less than what I’m paying now to Ma Bell each month.

There are many good things about magicJack… however, it’s user interface gets annoying fast…

So I made a program to block the magicJack pop-up window and regain control of my Desktop

magicBlock doesn’t interfere with the usage of magicJack – you can still make and receive calls with a normal phone. It stops the intrusive pop-up window from disrupting whatever your doing whenever someone in your home picks up the phone.

When magicBlock is enabled, the sparse magicJack functions are still available by right-clicking over it’s tray icon (the little icon by the clock):

magicBlock works on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 and requires .NET Framework 3.0 or better (provided free with Windows Update).

This program is freeware, available at If you find magicBlock increases sanity and can spare a few bucks from all that money your saving with magicJack, please donate.

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